ICEE 2019

  • zondag 7 juli 2019 t/m vrijdag 12 juli 2019 23:59

Amsterdam is the venue of the 2019 International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics which will take place July 7th - 12th 2019. On behalf of the local organisation committee I invite you to explore the website and register for the newsletter.

Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Hein Daanen

Abstract submission deadline

March 1st 2019 link to submit abstract

Provisional topics

  • The role of Temperature in Vigilance, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms (Chair: Eus van Someren)
  • Non-shivering thermogenesis (Chair: Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt)
  • Human adaptation to heat and cold (Chair: Hein Daanen)
  • Protective clothing (Chair: George Havenith)
  • Urban heat and global warming (Chair: Lars Nybo / Chuansi Gao)
  • Thermoregulatory challenges of physical activity (Chair: Thijs Eijsvogels)
  • Ergonomics and sports performance (Chair: Floor Hettinga)
  • Thermal mannequins and thermal modelling (Chair: Boris Kingma)
  • Technology for thermal measurements (Chair: Coen Bongers)
  • Coping with the expected Olympics 2020 heat (Chair: Koen Levels)
  • Thermoregulation in paraplegics (Chair: Thomas Janssen)
  • Drowning (Chair: Joost Bierens)

For more info about resgistration and the programme check the website of ICEE2019