Venture Lab

Sport Venture Lab connects the sports science infrastructure from the field labs with (starting) entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises that want to develop and test new technological applications to make new products.

The Venture Lab cooperates with sports, students and researchers who are set on applying scientific knowledge to sports and developing products for competitive sports as well as the general public. Read more about the various programme overviews:

1. Awareness & Sport Business Network: networking / community and partnerships with entrepreneurs. The Sport Venture Lab as a platform that also serves as a catalyst for alliances, innovation cooperation and refresher courses for entrepreneurs. The Sport Venture Lab as a meeting place and accelerator

2. Education and training: developing entrepreneurial competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities to create and build), let students have a taste of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a realistic exit profile for students. In this regard, we develop training programmes like Boot camp "From Science to Business" . Not every student will become an entrepreneur, but the group that flows into this programme gets a taste of entrepreneurship, develops competencies and learns to make a conscious choice.

3. Knowledge/market coupling & R&D infrastructure: identifying existing science cases as potential business cases. Identifying potentially promising market developments and applications among knowledge partners in a low threshold setting and, where possible, bringing these to market. Also making research infrastructure (field labs) available to the business community and actively selling this infrastructure. The real value lies in the low threshold assessment of the market potential of the partner organisations’ knowledge. Not every researcher / teacher will become an entrepreneur.

4. Start-up business acceleration & financing: stimulating start-ups in the field of sports or crossovers between food, healthcare, IT and big data by providing a coherent programme of entrepreneurship support interventions. In conjunction with TTO, ACE, SportBusinessAccelerator, Entrepreneurs Network, financial stakeholders (such as banks, VC’s), region (municipality, province) and national/EU government (based on Economic Affairs, NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and Horizon 2020 programmes).

If you are interested in a cooperation with one or more of our field labs, please do not hesitate to contact AISS on