Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (AISS)

The international knowledge center for sport, exercise and health in Amsterdam.

The ‘Amsterdam Institute of Sports Science’ (AISS) is a partnership between the Vrije Universiteit, VU Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, AMC, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Inholland University of Applied Sciences (IUAS), Center for Elite Sports & Education and Reade read more

Sport field labs

The sport field labs focus on practical research relevant to sports, exercise and health. These field labs foster an inspiring environment and state of the art test and measurement facilities. The field lab is managed by a technical director/coach and an embedded scientist (scientist in the field). The field labs offer practical training programmes and research internships for both college and university students.

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Sport Education

Intensive, problem-oriented cooperation between knowledge institutions leads to challenging, multidisciplinary education. These connections between education, research, sports and health ensure an attractive offer for students and professionals in the field. The minor in Sports, which has been offered since September 2015, is a broad programme that focuses on sport and performance psychology, sports care, sports and health behaviour, sports law, sports and ethics, sports sociology and philosophy.

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Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic

The Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic is a special field lab that works with the themes "Fit to play" and "Return to Play". This outpatient centre and clinic offers high-quality clinical care for injuries and also assists with rehabilitation and prevention.

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