About us

The ‘Amsterdam Institute of Sports Science’ (AISS) is a partnership between the Vrije Universiteit, VU Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, AMC, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Inholland University of Applied Sciences (IUAS), Center for Elite Sports & Education and Reade. 

Research in field labs

AISS focuses on practical research relevant to performance, exercise and health. The research mainly takes place in the so-called field labs. These are physical locations in ‘the field’ with state of the art test and measurement facilities where we do on site examinations and give advice to professional and amateur athletes and patients. An overview of the field labs (not exhaustive):

  • Disability sport
    Location: CASA Reade
  • Athletics
    Location: Ookmeerhal
  • Basketball
    Location: Sporthallen Zuid
  • Baseball
    Location: Sportpark Ookmeer
  • Judo
    Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (Dojo ALO)
  • Rowing
    Location: Bosbaan
  • Rugby 7's
    Location: Sportpark de Eendracht
  • Gymnastics
    Location: Ookmeerhal
  • Soccer
    Location: Sportpark Ookmeer
  • Swimming
    Location: Sloterparkbad

Sport science support

  • Amsterdam Nutritional Assessment Centre
    Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (HvA)
  • Fashion & Technology Lab
    Location: AMFI
  • Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre
    Location: AMC
    Location: OLVG-West
    Location: ALO (Dr. Meurerlaan)

Educational field labs

  • Almere Knowledge Centre Talent Development
    Location: Almere
  • Athletic Skills Model Centre (to be established)
    Location: VU Sports Centre Uilenstede
  • Educational Field Lab ALO
    Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (HvA)

The Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic is a special field lab. The clinic offers high-quality clinical care for injuries and supports athletes in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of these injuries. The clinic also offers non-professional athletes advice on lifestyle and exercise.

Multidisciplinary education

Education with regard to sports, exercise and health has a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. This is estimated to meet a substantial demand coming from students and professionals in the field. A new joint minor in Sports reflects the different fields of expertise of the knowledge partners, such as sports medicine, exercise training principles, sports law, and sport and society. The more specific minor in Sport and Performance Psychology has been available since September 2014. As of September 1, 2016, we will start offering a master in High Performance Coaching.

Innovation in the Sport Venture Lab 

Entrepreneurship and sports come together in the AISS Sport Venture Lab. This lab makes the knowledge from the field labs available to entrepreneurs that want to develop new technological applications. This way not only top-level sports but also the business community benefits from AISS.

Steering committee

The AISS is managed by the following people:

  • prof. mr. Huib de Jong: chancellor Hogeschool van Amsterdam and member Executive Board  University of Amsterdam (chairman);

  • prof. dr. Peter Beek, dean Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences VU (executive committee);

  • prof. dr. Wilma Scholte op Reimer, dean Faculty Sports and Nutrition HvA (executive committee);

  • prof. dr. Gino Kerkhoffs: professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports traumatology AMC;

  • prof. dr. Willem van Mechelen: professor of Occupational and Sports Medicine, head of the Department of Public and Occupational Health and co-director EMGO+ Institute VUmc;

  • prof. dr. Hans Brug, dean of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam

  • dr. Cees Vervoorn, professor Elite Sports and Education AUAS / University of Amsterdam

  • dr. Marije Deutekom, professor The Power of Sports AUAS / IUAS

  • dr. Anne Marie ter Steeg, division head of revalidation at Reade