Hans Tol is appointed as full Professor of Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam (AMC-UvA)

Hans Tol is the first full professor of Sports Medicine at the UvA. His research will focus on the treatment and prevention of sports injuries, especially injuries in muscles and tendons.

The Amsterdam UMC is internationally renowned for its research on the most common sports injury: the hamstring injury. “What we developed together with our colleagues from Orthopedics and Radiology is unique in the world. Our research projects focus on improving imaging, refining prognostic models and developing treatments which improve the time till full recovery. Addressing the athlete’s two main questions are leading in our daily clinical practice and research. Firstly, how can I shorten recovery time? Secondly, when I am fit to return to full sports participation? It is crucial to link our research with the athlete’s needs.”

Field work

Tol is an expert on conducting multi-center randomized controlled trials in muscle and tendon injuries and regenerative medicine. Besides his clinical work and research projects, he carries out sports medical work in practice as a sports medicine physician at AFC Ajax. Tol: “For clinical research, hands-on-experience remains essential for addressing the athlete’s questions and to feel what it going on the real sports world. We use these experiences when teaching our medical students.”


In sports nobody has the patience to wait for years on research outcomes. Tol has placed emphasis on collaboration and conducting international trials. “Sharing data is becoming more and more common, even in the competitive world of sports. Through these international collaborations we attract young, dynamic and adventurous junior researchers: three of our PhDs are currently employed at an IOC partner Research Center, strengthening our international network.”

Sports medicine research is embedded in the IOC accredited Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health, The Amsterdam (UMC) Collaboration for Health and Safety in Sports and Academic Centre for Evidence Based Sports Medicine (ACES).