Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic

The Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic is a special field lab that works withthe themes "Fit to play" and "Return to Play". This outpatient centre and clinic offers high-quality clinical care for injuries and also assists with rehabilitation and prevention. The clinic not only helps (aspiring) top athletes with problems due to physical activity, but also helps recreational athletes, dancers and musicians.

Participating organisations represent the top in their specific field, working with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach. Not only do AMC, VU, VUmc reinforce each other, there is also an explicit connection with the UvA and HvA/TNO professorship Sports Care, Sports Physicians Group Amsterdam, CTO Amsterdam, NOC *NSF and a number of sports federations and dance/ballet/music ensembles. In addition, this sports outpatient centre provides an enhanced level of sports medicine and lifestyle counseling for the residents of the municipality of Amsterdam. This is in line with the ambitions of the municipality of Amsterdam (including their focal point ‘All inhabitants of Amsterdam healthy!’) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (connecting first-line care and sports in the community and the national prevention programme 'Everything is Health').