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Knowledge Session: “Extending Physical Limits”

7 maart 2023


We are very exited to invite you to join us on Friday the 24th of March for the first edition of our AISS Knowledge Session. “Extending Physical Limits” is all about extending physical limits in health and disease. We have an interesting program with researchers that will share their knowledge covering various sports and research topics.

Prof.dr. Andrew Jones (University of Exeter, UK, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise) research focusses on the mechanism underlining speed and endurance. He worked with Eliud Kipchoge on the Breaking 2 project, the culmination of which was the first sub-two-hour marathon in history.

Next to our main keynote we have 4 researchers from within the AISS network that will give a brief insight about their research projects; for more information have a look at the schedule below. Afterwards we have reserved time for the audience to ask questions, discuss the presented topics, share knowledge and have the opportunity to have an informal chat and meet each other.


9:00 – Doors open & Coffee

9:10 – Welcome speech by dr. Mathijs Hofmijster

9:15 – Prof.dr. Andrew Jones: ‘Training Distance Runners”

9:45 – Questions/discussion with Andrew

10:00 – Guus Rougoor: “Running with Rheumatic Disease”

10:15 – Richie Goulding: “Aerobic function and exercise with ageing”

10:30 – Michel de Haan: “Combined sprint and endurance performance in young elite soccer players at different playing positions”

10:45 – Jens Voet: “Cycling performance after accumulated load: does durability change during a cycling season?”

11:00 – Questions/discussion about presented topics

11:30 – Informal network opportunity. Guided tour trough our labs

12:00 – Wrap-up


This will be an online live-streamed session with only a limited number of seats available for people to join in person at our AISS Hub. Don’t hesitate to reserve your spot via this link, we only have a few spots left!

You will only be able to join in-person with a confirmation of your reserved seat, which we will send you within 24 hours by e-mail. Please keep in mind that you are sure to attend our event once confirmed, as not showing up will result in an empty seat that someone would have gladly taken.

The live-stream zoom session will start on Friday 24th March at 9:00. You can join the event by clicking this link. Please make sure you are ready at 9:10 when dr. Mathijs Hofmijster will kick off the session.


The session will take place at our AISS Hub, at the “OZW building” situated on the VU Campus. Click on the map above for detailed travel instructions.

Our HUB is very well connected to different kinds of public transport. If you prefer to travel by car you can find more information regarding parking here.

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