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Impact of sport science on performance and health

14 november 2022

This symposium has taken place.


Watch the aftermovie to be inspired for our next symposium.


On Thursday January 26th the opening symposium of the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (AISS) 2023 took place. It was an inspiring day dedicated to the inauguration of our new “hub.” The theme of the symposium was “Impact of Sport Science on Performance and Health.”

Gregory Sedoc, Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg, Erik Scherder, Arie Koops, and Reda Haouam each shared a personal, inspiring, and interactive contribution. Together with all the partners, we “opened” the AISS hub by striking a boxing bag from NextRound that can measure impact. It was a meaningful symbol to demonstrate how, through collaboration, we can create more impact. By fostering connections with others, we can improve health and (sport) performance.

It was an inspiring day where sports organizations, businesses, education, research, and government came together to discuss knowledge and innovations in the field of sports, performance, and health.

Let’s continue to inform, inspire, and collaborate with each other as much as possible. Together, we make an impact.


You can view our photo album containing all the pictures from the day here.



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