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Rowing in the near future

6 mei 2024

Free entrance: reserve yourself a seat for this knowledge session.

Knowledge session: Rowing in the near future 

Saturday the 1st of June 2024

Alongside the esteemed Koninklijke-Holland Beker event, we’re excited to organise a special knowledge session: “Rowing in the near future” as official side-event, located directly at the shore of de Bosbaan at the first of June. We have partnered up with the Koninklijke-Holland Beker for creating the perfect atmosphere and a great spot for networking and meeting new people. We will have three sessions of approximately half an hour about three highly relevant topics inside the sports or rowing.


10:00-10:30 Physiological demands of rowing athletes at the Olympics LA 2028 

At the core of the event lies the LA28 Project, a crucial research undertaken in collaboration with the KNRB to address the changes in distances for the upcoming 2028 Olympic games. For the first time, these games will feature rowing competitions covering 1500 meters instead of the traditional 2000 meters. Last year, we conducted comprehensive research to understand how these adjustments impact the physiology of elite rowers. Led by Embedded Scientist KNRB Matthias Verstraelen and Human Movement Scientist Mathijs Hofmijster, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be sharing our initial findings and find out together how this will affect the rowing culture.


Break: SmartRow showcase

SmartRow will showcase their user-friendly ergometer attachment, enabling racing on any rowing machine. As a family-owned business, SmartRow has developed a universal power meter that connects to your smartphone, measuring your performance on almost any ergometer machine.


10:45-11:15 Performing under pressure: with 2 elite rowers

Another focal point of our event is the exploration of performing under pressure, spearheaded by Assistent Professor Yannick Hill and Professor Learning and Performing in Sports Raôul Oudejans. Yannick and Raôul, two senior researchers at AISS, have made significant contributions to research in this area within sports-related environments. We’ll delve into the mental challenges of high-pressure situations, accompanied by firsthand experiences shared by one or two elite rowers.


09:30 Walk-in and coffee

10:00 Physiological demands of rowing athletes at the Olympics LA 2028

10:30 Break: SmartRow showcase

10:45 Performing under pressure: with 2 elite rowers

11:15 Break: SmartRow showcase

11:30 To be announced

12:00 Networking and farewell moment of the TeamNL rowers for the Olympics Paris 2024



The session will take place during the Koninklijke-Holland Beker, the most international regatta of the Netherlands at De Bosbaan in Amsterdam-Zuid. Bosbaan 10, 1182 AG Amstelveen.

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